czech republic

The bloodshed took place in the philosophy department building of Charles University, where the shooter was a student, Prague Police Chief Martin Vondrasek said.
Ex-Republican state Sen. Ray Holmberg is facing federal charges for intent to rape a minor and receiving images depicting child sexual abuse.
Czech folk singer Hana Horka deliberately allowed herself to be exposed to the coronavirus and refused to get vaccinated, her son said.
Patrik Schick of the Czech Republic took his shot — an incredibly long one — in a victory over Scotland.
Hospital staff have warned the number of casualties could still rise.
The country is debating a new bill that could give LGBTQ couples the right to marry.
If a new bill passes, the country would become the first in formerly communist Europe to embrace marriage equality.
The Czech team will now advance to the semi-finals.
Matthew Heimbach, head of the Traditionalist Worker Party, has been called "the next David Duke."
A few months ago, Milos Zeman was caught telling Russia's Vladimir Putin that journalists should be killed.