czech republic

The country is debating a new bill that could give LGBTQ couples the right to marry.
If a new bill passes, the country would become the first in formerly communist Europe to embrace marriage equality.
The Czech team will now advance to the semi-finals.
Matthew Heimbach, head of the Traditionalist Worker Party, has been called "the next David Duke."
A few months ago, Milos Zeman was caught telling Russia's Vladimir Putin that journalists should be killed.
The crayfish provide real time answers quicker than other detectors.
Lucky wedding traditions from across the globe While July may be infamous for unlucky weddings, couples worldwide have found
This idea was reinforced by the economic demand coefficient theory (known by its Czech abbreviation KEN), which stipulates
May we all be as cool, calm and collected in the face of hate.
Prague in January is cold. Freezing. But that doesn’t detract from the fact that the city is pulled straight out of a Disney
When Peter Getzels and I were asked to make a documentary in the Czech Republic about a 90 year-old harpsichordist, I envisioned
The decision comes weeks after poachers broke into a French zoo and slaughtered a rhino for its horn.
The children responsible were only 6, 8 and 10 years old.