d-day anniversary

Trump called the House speaker "vindictive" and "nasty" in a sit-down with Fox News' Laura Ingraham.
The gratitude expressed by Roger Feller to the World War II allies, especially Americans, who fought so hard and sacrificed so much to liberate his homeland and all of Europe, is a common and frequent phenomenon in Europe, especially among those of Feller's generation.
Dr. Munk's patriotism and adventurous spirit led him to enlist in the U.S. Army, where he helped develop the revolutionary science behind the Sverdrup-Munk wave forecasting system. Its successful deployment during World War II helped General Eisenhower and the Allied Forces' landings save thousands of lives.
Our society is at least four times as rich as it was when my dad came home from the war. Far too much of that national wealth is going to the wrong people -- bankers and speculators who not only don't earn their wealth but who caused a great recession for everyone else. My dad didn't go to college; he was the first member of his family to own a house thanks to the GI bill (no housing scandals of that era -- these were direct government loans), and he was part of a rising, hard-working middle class. My kids and grandkids didn't suffer the Great Depression, nor did they have to slog across Normandy or serve time in a German POW camp. But they face a stunted future. My father's generation did not make their sacrifices only so that their great-grandchildren would be the stunted generation.
It's been seventy years since the boats invaded the beach at Normandy to fight one of the bloodiest battles the world has
Liam feels particularly connected to the organization since he is a cadet with Para ACF, a voluntary youth group. The determined
Cosima Ungaro contributed reporting. "Obama with his chewing gum... Not at all classy #DDay70" At least a few French Twitter
This picture appeared in the newspaper where I worked on June 5, 1994, a day shy of the 50th anniversary of D-Day. I was stunned. The man on the far right was my father, and I recognized him immediately. I fell into a chair in a heap. He'd died seven years previously, and I missed him. And on that moment, I missed that he'd never told me the story of that day.
World War II veteran Jack Schlegel appeared on MSNBC with Chuck Todd Friday morning to tell his stories from June 6, 1944
Vet remembers taking a shot of Johnnie Walker Black with General Patton after receiving his first purple heart.
BENOUVILLE, France, June 6 (Reuters) - U.S. President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin held brief talks
The color photo shows the old village fountain in Sainte Marie du Mont, France, on May 7, 2014. The black and white photo
This bit of historical newsreel footage shows paratrooper training circa 1944 in Cedar Falls, Iowa. (Courtesy NARA, via DPLA
Allied troops landed on the Normandy coast of France in tremendous strength by cloudy daylight today and stormed several
Jim Martin, 93, proved he was a badass when he parachuted into France 70 years ago, ahead of the D-Day invasion. 93-year
"Some people will come up to you and cry and say, 'I was a little girl back then and I remember what happened, and you gave
Would it have been too much trouble to at least issue a more substantive press release or even take a minute or two to record an audio or video message commemorating this important event in world history?
The veterans' flights were arranged by the private Honor Flight Network. According to its website, the organization has flown
Check out this slideshow of photos taken around the time of D-Day and take time to reflect on this historic day: To mark
The America that today's veterans return to may seem very different from the one my grandfather encountered. But the fundamentals have not changed. When we come together, we can overcome any obstacle.