The incident allegedly occurred after an unidentified male came onto DaBaby’s property without permission and was shot in the leg.
It remains unclear if the rapper himself was involved or hurt.
Speaking to GQ, the Grammy winner said he embraces being labeled part of a "gay agenda" and predicts the rise of more LGBTQ hip-hop artists in years ahead.
The comedian supported J.K. Rowling’s anti-trans views and said “gender is a fact” in his new special “The Closer.”
The rapper's 10th studio album featuring collaborations with Jay-Z, Marilyn Manson and DaBaby is now available on streaming platforms.
The shock rocker, who has been accused of abuse by more than a dozen women, was also joined by embattled rapper DaBaby.
The rapper has faced a wave of backlash after making homophobic remarks onstage at the Rolling Loud music festival.
The singer invited the rapper, whose comments about gay men and AIDS have sparked outrage, to chat while urging others to "find forgiveness."
The rapper -- who has been axed from Lollapalooza, the Governors Ball and Day N Vegas -- said his comments were misinformed, hurtful and triggering.
The music festival said it is "founded on diversity, inclusivity, respect, and love."