Will Crusoe the celebrity dachshund get his man? Watch this insanely cute clip of Crusoe and brother Oakley playing cops
Perfect. Bewigged dachshunds + a '90s teen drama starring James Van Der Beek = Filmic magic. “Makes more sense using dogs
Being perfect isn't easy, but this long-haired dachshund knows a good beauty routine goes a long way. The dog moves through
I obviously love to travel... but even more exciting than visiting far off lands is coming home to Karl Froelich.
If you're still looking for some last-minute Halloween costume inspiration, look no further than Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund
Here are some more photos, along those lines: Think the nation's capital is a stuffy place? This is a scene from the Saturday's
Remember that dog who was willing to fake his own death to avoid a bath? This is pretty much the opposite. These two miniature
In order to stop George from re-injuring himself, the Redditor built ramps that help the dachshund navigate everything from
Think it's hard to get your kid into pre-school in New York? Now you can worry about getting your dog accepted at the Ruff
The display of leashes looks like high-end stuff. There is not only leather but carpincho -- the tanned hide of a capybara -- something I would like for a belt.
Click below to see some of the pooches from the parade, courtesy of photographer Michael Blades. There was even a "newshound
So the next time you find yourself second guessing a small dog, just ask yourself what Lola would have to say about it. Via
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