dad stereotypes

Have you shopped for Father's Day cards lately? I have, and frankly, I'm appalled. In many of the greeting cards available today, dads are portrayed as lazy, disengaged, un-involved, beer-guzzling, flatulent couch potatoes.
American TV often makes men look like incompetent fools when it comes to childcare or household chores. But blogger Jaime Zucker says this stereotype helps no one. She tells us why we need to retire the "bumbling husband."
Guys see the low bar set for dads on commercials and TV shows and will only rise high enough to meet it. And when their wives dress the baby in a shirt that basically calls them idiots, they'll soon learn they're expected to be know-nothing dolts, so there's no need to improve.
Society has become comfortable with the notion that the typical father is not capable of actually being a responsible father.