What's that? You don't know what a Dadbod is? Don't feel bad. I'd never heard of the Dadbod either, until I woke up the other day and realized I couldn't see my toes.
Adjusting your daily routine so that you can spend time with your kids while they are young but still progress your career to ensure that one day you can afford to send them to college means a few changes and a few challenges.
"Our goal should not have to be to get our body 'back' to something it used to be."
Since Baron von Burpenstein showed up, it's been hard to sleep. And hence hard to find time to exercise, or brush my teeth. I used to take pride in my appearance, but I am so overjoyed at the pleasures of fatherhood I hardly even spend all day in front of the bathroom mirror weeping.
NEW YORK (AP) -- Many men gain a new sense of responsibility and purpose when they become fathers. A new study suggests they
Dad Bods aren't a new trend, at least not with the always-ahead-of-the-curve Gays. Gay men have been celebrating their stout brethren for decades, declaring definitively that Fat + Hairy ≠ Undateable. They're called Bears, and I want to officially welcome you to the party!
The best news came from Century City, or more accurately, a Public Relations firm in Century City, who have officially heralded us into the age of the "Dad Bod."
"If you're a woman, you can be proud of your boobs, or your butt, or your lips, or your thigh gap, but not yourself or your
Dudes are allowed to have "dadbods" and be seen as cute for it precisely because their worth isn't as intrinsically tied to their appearance the way a woman's worth is.