dads and daughters

Along a sidewalk and a row of ornamental trees separating a parking lot from an expanse of green fields, parents stood and squatted against trees and paced, waiting. After three days of tryouts, cut day had arrived.
My daughters have given me more Father's Days than any given Sunday. There are lots of moments throughout the year they make me feel like a good dad without even trying. If you're a dad like me, all you really want is your children to be happy, joyous and free.
It was an innocent question from a nondescript hospital gift shop employee, but it hit me like a punch to the gut. I shook my head and turned away, busying myself with a rack of tiny stuffed animals with huge glassy eyes.
"I hope fathers will see how important they are in their kids' lives."
My husband was a stay-at-home dad until his daughter turned 18 months old. He'd finished his year as an OB-GYN resident, he'd saved some money, and he chose to stay home with her rather than take a job immediately.
She's in second grade. Not a senior in high school. And she has already been called fat. Actually, that happened in first grade, and she's carried this wound for a year now.