Both before and during the aerial bombardment of Taleban strongholds, I conducted phone interviews in Dari with fixed line
The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has rarely been so far from finding a resolution. Since the cessation of hostilities between Israel and Hamas during the summer of 2014, the desire to seek peace has been diminishing.
We need to maintain diversity in our counter-movement against ISIS. But that diversity should be molded into a unified foundation based on the fact that ISIS is a horrific group of ignorant, violent and inhuman people who need to be stopped.
Following the horrific attacks in Istanbul, Indonesia and Burkina Faso carried out by extremists in the name of Islam, a fundamental question needs to be raised. Why are such radical Islamic groups able to recruit locals?
"Jihadism is a social structure, certainly, but above all it is an ideology. In this sense, the fight must target ideology."
Media pundits, experts and politicians alike have routinely cited Jihad and Jihadists as the greatest threat to America's national security at home and abroad. But these words of caution have done more harm than good, not only because they misrepresent Islam but also because they squander what maybe a decent chance to defeat terrorism by waging a Jihad against extremists.
Ignorance is the root of all of this. Whether it's education that bars women from equal access or the teaching a skewed interpretation of Islam, we progressives must speak up. Islam began as a testament to equality and enlightenment, and it must reclaim itself as a force for peace.
Thank you Mark for creating the safety check button during the Paris attacks. Thanks to you, since last night we were able to reassure people we love and vice versa. Thanks also for creating Facebook, such a great machine, who invented a new word : social network.
TEL AVIV -- The Islamic State is here to stay for the long-term, if not indefinitely, and the coalition should accordingly give up on pretensions to "degrade and destroy" ISIS. Instead, we should focus on containment, providing humanitarian aid for refugees and civilians and establishing a no-fly zone to stop indiscriminate killing of civilians and destruction of what remains of infrastructure in Syria.
TEL AVIV - As we reach the one-year anniversary since the announcement of ISIS, much of the commentary has been far too ephemeral, taking whatever comes out immediately in the news as indicative of long-term trends. ISIS is neither winning nor losing. Like any long war, there is much ebb and flow.