daenerys targaryen

“Reunions never looked this hairy,” the actor wrote beneath a photo of her with Jason Momoa and Kit Harington.
"I’ve never fangirled so hard in my life," she told the "Game of Thrones" stars.
The "Game of Thrones" star "was robbed," several people complained on Twitter.
Clarke shared a photo of the scene on Instagram and admitted: "We hardly put up a fight."
The newly released script puts to rest some of the speculation surrounding the final season of HBO's epic fantasy drama.
One gruesome "Game of Thrones" question has been eating away at us.
And we’re not talking about the lighting in Season 8 of the HBO show.
The "thank u, next" singer responded to the figure with just four words.
The rousing moment featured in a behind-the-scenes documentary about HBO's epic fantasy drama.
The “Game of Thrones” star passed on the opportunity to play Anastasia Steele because of the way many people responded to Daenerys Targaryen.
The British actress went to great lengths to nail Daenerys Targaryen's address.
"My two favorite characters destroyed," lamented the New York senator and 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful.
Everyone’s talking about the coffee cup and water bottle, but eagle-eyed fans are having a hard time dismissing this glaring mistake.
The actress was terrified when her idol, Queen B, told her that she was a fan of Daenerys Targaryen.
The Lord of the Vale grew up and his appearance in the show's final episode had fans calling him "hot" and a "snacc."
The nephew and aunt made out for the final time on "Game of Thrones" and it ended with a serious blow.