Two Coptic Churches were attacked today. When will we admit that the global “war on terror” has failed?
However, the status of Christmas is a minor issue for the Islamist radicals committing murder and mayhem in the Middle East
The operation would tighten the noose around Islamic State’s Iraq stronghold but could inflame sectarian tension in the mainly Sunni region.
Although a small village at the foot of a small hill on Syria's northern plains about 9 miles from the Turkish border, Dabiq
Both before and during the aerial bombardment of Taleban strongholds, I conducted phone interviews in Dari with fixed line
What is ISIS saying? The first element to understand the political and social strategy of ISIS is getting to know what topics the terrorists are using to seduce their audiences.
Because I spent most of my career at American Airlines, my antenna is always up when it comes to safety and security -- and it's even higher after marking the 15-year anniversary of the 9/11 tragedies. In the years since, Americans have worked hard -- in government, the private sector and elsewhere -- to make our country safer.
American foreign policymakers have known all along that ousting President Bashar al-Assad will not magically end the civil, ethnic, and sectarian wars that are now raging in what's left of Syria. But that fact hasn't stopped them from trying.
Even as the "caliphate" shrinks in the Middle East, Daesh, as the group also is known, is increasing its murderous attacks on Western civilians. Washington's intervention actually has endangered Americans.
The recent spate of terrorist attacks in the Europe, the Middle East, and Asia has called attention to two rather sobering
Those who still doubt the need, if not to impose a total blackout on terrorists’ names, then at least to curtail the soap
Obama's vacillating Syria policy has spurred ongoing debate, especially with regard to fighting IS. The counterterrorism turn, starting with the anti-IS "Inherent Resolve" campaign in September 2014, is one way to explain the dissonance in U.S. policy.
A court complaint alleges that Erick Jamal Hendricks told an unnamed person his goal was to create a sleeper cell for carrying out attacks in the U.S.
San Bernardino was a genuine ISIS-inspired terrorist attack but one perpetrated by lone wolves acting without direction from
Is this latest terror wave a last gasp, or a game changer designed to rattle attackers?
When it comes to his rhetoric on Muslims in particular, many have been quick to point out the legitimate danger of Trump's theatrics. Namely, that they play right into the narrative pushed by ISIS and other radical groups.