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More Republicans are departing "than any year since at least 1952," according to an elections observer.
“While my faith guides my personal views, as mayor I would never do anything to restrict access to reproductive health care."
The liberal site has acquired a new relevance in the era of Democratic resistance to President Donald Trump.
Can Democrats turn that energy into a victory in this GOP-leaning seat?
In the wake of the first week of the new administration and the response to the massive and disturbing changes that have
Imagine for a moment if President Obama said he is a black man first and an American second. The right wing and many on the left would have shouted "radical" and "militant."
A new policy at the top liberal site signals a pivot to the general election season.
According to findings, it matters little to voters whether a particular putz is Jewish, Christian or Muslim.
Open Debates will be a game changer in our political process -- ensuring that questions get asked that the public actually cares about. What starts in Massachusetts will hopefully become the norm for local, state, congressional, and even presidential debates in the future.
Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas explained in an email to HuffPost that the filmmaker had "posted 6-second clips of audio
“I certainly assume there was not an intent to discriminate,” she added. “We have a great working relationship with all of
While an expert may know more than anyone else in the room, he is unlikely to know more than the room as a whole, to be wiser or cleverer than the crowd.