2. Relax your shrug. When it comes to the waist up, let your upper body move freely with your hips. If you feel your shoulders
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"Learning to row has often been made way too complicated and intimidating," says Josh Crosby, rowing world champion and co
If your doctor does think you could benefit from melatonin, he or she will likely recommend taking only around a milligram
5. Don't get in bed until you actually feel sleepy. Trying to score some extra Zzs by going to bed at 8 p.m. is a recipe
Cool down with an overhead stretch, reverse lunge and forward fold. Before each workout, start with this dynamic, two-minute
Continue sipping on water or a calorie-free sparkling water throughout the day; Boger suggests adding mint leaves or slices
Don't want to run outside? No problem. Try this treadmill hill workout from CLAY Health Club + Spa. It will build glute and
How To Treat Sleep Apnea The good news is that sleep apnea is very treatable and easily diagnosed through an overnight sleep
By Laurel Leicht for Life by DailyBurn This time of year, when holiday treats and comfort food are the standard fare, it
Need some extra motivation to commit to your new workout routine? Enlist a friend -- or find support online -- to help you
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2. Step-Ups Skiing and snowboarding are both “leg sports,” so strengthening the quads is hugely important, Morin says. “When
7. Develop wintertime interests. Bummed that you can't play beach volleyball every weekend? Rohan recommends finding substitutes
By Barbara Brody for Life by DailyBurn 12. Join the cleanup crew. "One hour spent clearing the table and washing dishes while
Regular sweat sessions are, of course, key for staying in shape and maintaining your overall health. However, says McDaniel
4. Maximize Workout Efficiency Only have 30 minutes to spare? By focusing on the major multi-joint exercises that work your
"There is nothing as effective or energizing as plyometrics," says DailyBurn trainer Anja Garcia, who turns to the fat-blasting
Well, if you’re plagued by indecision or prone to making poor choices, meditation might help you make smarter calls, faster