The 121-pound pooch feels "a bit guilty" for letting down the image of her St. Bernard cousins, her rescuers joked.
Daisy is a 5-year-old rescue from Los Angeles with a beautiful smile and a congenital leg deformity that causes her to use a wheelchair.
Along with her deformity in her front legs, both of her elbows, right shoulder and back hips are dislocated, causing her
Dean's whereabouts remained a mystery until her discovery Wednesday afternoon. According to the Clark County Sheriff’s Department
American's have long been fascinated by the lives of "freaks." June 27th the award-winning documentary Bound by Flesh opens.
Wow, the third season flew by. Here's some thoughts on the development of my favorite characters (and yes, if you haven't seen the finale, there's spoilers ahead).
A new take on Lyndon Johnson's controversial "Daisy" ad has been produced, in an effort to urge the incoming Senate to ratify
Tony Schwartz, best known for making the famous "daisy spot" used in Lyndon Johnson's campaign against Barry Goldwater, died last Saturday at the home he rarely left in New York.
In memory of its creator, I think it is high time we understand that the 1964 Daisy ad was not about being negative but rather truthful.