dakota johnson

The “Fifty Shades of Grey” actor kicked off the Sundance Film Festival with a shocking joke.
The actor was greeted with "gasps and giggles" for her remarks about the "Call Me By Your Name" star.
The star candidly reflected on making "those big naked movies" in a new profile.
After a very awkward 2019 interview on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show," fans can't help but wonder if Johnson helped cause the show's demise after Season 19.
Her father, fellow actor Don Johnson, told Seth Meyers that she had big ideas after high school — and apparently didn't need his help.
"I'll live with it," the "Late Late Show" host told guest Dakota Johnson. "I don't even have to really see it."
"I'm glad you came clean," host Jimmy Fallon told the "Our Friend" actor.
We won't cut bangs during the coronavirus pandemic. We won't cut bangs. We won't cut bangs ...
The comedian happened to be at the Dallas Cowboys game with George W. Bush the same weekend she skipped Johnson's birthday party.
Johnson named her favorite comedian ... and it wasn't Ellen!