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Kim Kardashian said, "I just think that it’s actually probably harder we did grow up with this privileged life, but knowing that at a certain age we’re gonna be cut off and we can’t ask our parents for anything."
Johnson joked that she had "ruined the life" of the man who decided she was snobbish.
The millennial actor says her “Madame Web” co-stars reminded her of how she was different from them, “like, every second of the day.”
The actor, who made an appearance in the series' finale, described the experience as the "worst time" of her life.
"The people who run streaming platforms don’t trust creative people or artists to know what’s going to work," she said in a recent interview.
The "Madame Web" star weighed in on the time she sat in front of the former president during the show's 40th anniversary special.
The "Fifty Shades of Grey" star made headlines for saying she can sleep 10 to 14 hours a night.
The actor also said she'll “get in a bathtub at any moment, any time of the day.”
E.L. James is recalling the unexpected place she contrived steamy scenes for the 2015 hit film.
The “Fifty Shades of Grey” actor kicked off the Sundance Film Festival with a shocking joke.