Dakota Pipeline

Is he truly a billionaire? A millionaire? Or just how leveraged is he to Russia and other countries?. Is being President
I watched some video footage of the White House Christmas party you hosted a day ago, with your beautiful family, which would
The "historic" decision comes as thousands of protesters gather on the Standing Rock Sioux reservation.
This stunning short film explains why more than 300 Native American tribes, the largest gathering in history, have joined
The government is expected to make a decision on the controversial project near tribal lands.
Video shows her speaking with an activist before falling to the ground.
After reviewing the horrors of global warming, McKibben reports how the U.S. and other nations could deploy renewable energy rapidly enough to reduce fossil fuel emissions 80% by 2030. Using a wholesale industrial retooling akin to WWII to manufacture solar, wind and geothermal equipment, the reconstruction would be ordered and partly paid for by the feds, using existing contracts as leverage to force businesses to comply.