Sujatha Gidla was born into India's lowest social caste, the untouchables. Despite moving to the U.S., the psychological toll of being untouchable left her feeling inferior for years.
In the name of the cow These new rules have reinforced the impunity of criminal groups that burn down Muslim and Dalit businesses
Though the caste system originated in India, it has spread across South Asia affecting the lives of millions who remain “untouchables
India’s devadasi system, which “dedicates” girls to deities and to a life of sex work in the name of religion, was banned nationwide back in 1988.
The global Hindu community, while inextricably rooted in the peoples and soil of India and their diaspora, can't be superficially contained or constrained by boundary or ideology, or any kind of classification of race, gender, sexuality, or caste.
A petition filed in the Supreme Court in 2004 remains pending because the federal government has yet to give a conclusive
Members of a Dalit population of a village in India's Dindigul district packed up their belongings and left their homes en
Kolhi's parents, local villagers and activists from groups including the Dalit Solidarity Network have asserted that medical
In many ways, words are metaphors pointing to the objects they represent.
Meetings will foster father-daughter communication, help fathers understand the value and dignity of their daughters and will keep fathers accountable.