Dallas Cowboys

Rohrer's two children with his ex also live at home in an arrangement the former NFL player says is "working out really well so far."
The retired linebacker reportedly will be the first known current or former NFL player in a same-sex marriage.
The New York Giants quarterback's frantic look after a sack wins the internet, though his team lost another game.
The president shouldn't meddle in whether players are allowed to kneel or not, the Dallas Cowboys owner suggested.
It was important to question him on his troubling tendency to muzzle his players and align himself with an oppressive president.
No policy changes were announced after a four-hour discussion with the players union.
The suspended anchor has called the president a "white supremacist."
ESPN has suspended SportsCenter host Jemele Hill following tweets suggesting the most effective way to protest the Dallas Cowboys is via advertisers. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones recently announced he would bench any player that “disrespected” the American flag.
She spoke out against the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, who threatened to bench players for protesting during the national anthem.
Here's a list of players and teams who demonstrated during Sunday’s games.
Critics of the recent protests are asking the NFL to stick to sports, but the league has always been a political force.
But in a twist, the Dallas Cowboys and owner chose to kneel before the national anthem played during the NFL's "Monday Night Football."