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These projects would not have been possible without the pioneering efforts of two Modernist visionaries who redefined the
"Unlike Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton has experience in actual governance, a record of service and a willingness to delve into real policy.”
The GOP nominee "is not qualified to serve as president and does not deserve your vote."
Polling doesn't suggest that the race is neck and neck. It has tightened some, but Abbott still leads by 10 points and has a huge cash advantage for paid media down the stretch. Something has spooked his campaign.
The right has portrayed Davis as an ambitious shrew who left her first child with a non-biological father to run off to Harvard, used him to pay for most of her education, and then dumped him the day her law degree was paid in full. This is nowhere near accurate. Regardless, how could they not see this coming down Congress Avenue?
The story is true. Every damned bit of it. Wendy Davis of Fort Worth, Texas was a single mother. A teenaged mom. She lived in a mobile home. And went to Harvard. Also, she got help along the way. Can you believe it?
Nothing will really happen until these (difficult but absolutely necessary) conversations occur. Internally and externally.
"He's actually become a pretty good painter," the former governor said. "He's doing it with a vengeance." When former President
Four top publishers Tuesday reaffirmed their commitment to print and discussed revenue ideas for bolstering their products
Museum Tower officials are understandably distressed - they sank $200 million of pension funds into the building but, according
The First Baptist Church in downtown Dallas' senior pastor, Robert Jeffress, made headlines in 2007 with a Sunday sermon calling Mitt Romney a member of a religious "cult." This past Sunday, he stood in the pulpit and let fly this gem.
Pennsylvania is another state where voters are being told they need photo ID, even though they actually don't. Nearly a month
As long as state and federal regulators aren't given the resources to do more to monitor misdeeds, it's important to thank the investigative journalists. Strong news organizations are one of the few mechanisms that support public accountability.
But as Iowa approaches, editors and cable news producers are now starving for Paul material. The fact that Kirchick is doing
Among the many rather thuggish hissy fits Amazon has thrown at states who want it to collect sales taxes like all the other
In the video, Badu walks around Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas, site of the November, 1963 shooting of President John F. Kennedy. Apparently filmed on St. Patrick's Day, onlookers watch as she slowly removes articles of clothing.
This week, Governor Rick Perry has found himself mired in a growing scandal over his sneaky land deals that have netted him over a million dollars while in public office. Here's more on this nasty scandal.
A. H. Belo has just announced in an internal memo that some "section editors" (news editors) at all of the company's papers, will now report directly to the corporate team of "sales managers."