Dallas Museum of Art

One of the greatest gifts a museum can supply a visitor is a free ticket to view important art works from around the world. Think of the many millions of people who are conveyed into a whole new arena of awareness because the door was open without cost.
Where: Los Angeles, California What: Part of the Getty Museum (and the larger Getty Trust family), the Center pays special
Art is a strange and wondrous thing. It helps us to relate to and understand the world around us. It helps us to relate to and understand one another. But sometimes it raises more questions that answers. And that, to me, is the most intriguing kind of art.
13. The Hammer in Los Angeles Where: Washington, D.C. What: The National Gallery was created out of a joint resolution from
Sometimes you need to look up -- at a billboard -- to be inspired. Or, even a bus shelter. I did. And I was inspired. However, I must admit, it was the historic American artwork on the billboards and bus shelter that stirred my enthusiasm.
Nearly 40 years have passed since Robert Redford wooed Mia Farrow in the cinematic adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s epic
Famous for his colorful paintings of floating figures and flying animals, Russian-born artist Marc Chagall also worked in other mediums. It's these lesser-known aspects of the artist's practice that are explored in "Chagall: Beyond Color" at the Dallas Museum of Art from February 17 to May 26, 2013.
Kiley Garden (formerly NationsBank Plaza), Tampa, FL. Photograph courtesy The Cultural Landscape Foundation. Partial reconstruction
"Uncharted Territory: Experts Explain Why Collectors Have Yet to Embrace Alighiero e Boetti's Oeuvre" At a time when the