dallas shootings

Let's not pretend that the horrific police shootings in Dallas and Baton Rogue were a direct result of BLM protests. Let's stop pretending the police don't have a role to play in all of this violence. Let's address the [blue] elephant in the room.
To label Black Lives Matter as anything but a movement whose seed is the extrajudicial killing of a 17-year old boy with a hood on his head and skittles in his hand, whose activists are Americans tired of racial hatred and black killings, and whose goal is to take back the voice of the oppressed and silenced Black lives in America, is terrorism in and of itself.
Hate prompts someone to murder another. But guns give power to that hate, power and scope. Yes, people can and do kill with their bare hands, with knives and clubs, and rope. But it's more difficult, and the number of people you can kill without getting caught is significantly reduced.
Rep. Elijah Cummings offered a plea for Americans to reflect on this moment in history, after five officers were killed in Dallas in apparent retaliation for the killing of black men, and to turn towards one another, not away.
"We have families to go home to. We do take our jobs seriously."