The famed Paris cathedral sustained “colossal damage,” but its main structure and at least some of its treasured relics and artworks survived.
These common habits can damage your hair when wintry weather strikes.
Before you pick up another handful of French fries, think about this Harvard professor’s advice: Eat only 6 fries per serving.
Residents in Hurricane Irma’s path help the local wildlife prepare for the storm.
On the eve of Hurricane Irma’s landfall, Floridians make final preparations.
The Miami suburb of Country Walk looks set to take a direct hit from Hurricane Irma. Twenty five years after the most destructive storm to ever strike Florida, Hurricane Andrew, devastated the region some are choosing to stay and ride out the life-threatening weather.
It isn't necessary to wait until your workplace institutes changes in it's policies and expectations to free yourself from the tyranny of the enslavement to technology that is so endemic in our culture. Here are some steps that you can take right now!
When piled on top of traditional means of defamation as by mouth or email, social media moves slander and libel from pandemic
Donald Trump's racist and violent rhetoric is having an effect on children.
To acknowledge imperfections, some of us have to confront our idealized image, a narcissistic view of the self that dictates we must be perfect. In this case, a mistake and the need to apologize, can be experienced as like a blemish that needs to be hidden.
Sometimes, in trying to explain the impact that Rett Syndrome has had on our lives, I have referred to myself and my husband as "damaged goods." People don't respond to this very well.
It's been said that living with an open heart requires a cup of understanding, a barrel of love, and an ocean of patience. Sometimes that seems like an understatement.
Perhaps not surprisingly, people have been quick to snicker about the Napa earthquake, downplaying its severity. To some extent, this makes sense -- the area was lucky. But while it's easy to cast judgment from afar and say, it's important to remember that these buildings meant something to their inhabitants.
Purchasing insurance for one's own artwork tends to be an investment few artists make.
I lived a childhood of peace. I experienced war as a teenager. And as an adult, I see how the aftermath of violent conflict transforms communities. Unfortunately, the death and suffering of war does not end when the last bullet whizzes by.
Overcoming the natural, understandable resistance to this process requires courage, strength, commitment, and perhaps most importantly, the support of a partner who is willing to go the distance, even when it can feel like the stakes are one's very survival.
Joshi rented a car from Budget in Oahu last summer. While he was driving, a vehicle rear-ended his rental. What does all of this mean to you? Well, if you're ever in an accident with a rental car, here's what you have to do.
Imagine how you would react to this incident: One day you walk outside to your car parked next to your house. You are shocked to discover that the front fender and bumper have been mangled and punctured during the night by... something
Here's the tracklist: "We used tape for the first time in a long time, as well as computer," singer-guitarist Jim Adkins
If you were the last person to rent the vehicle, you're on the hook for whatever damage they want to charge you or your insurance company. You just have to take them at their word.