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Get a first look at Season 2 with this exclusive teaser.
Against a wall proclaiming "Make America Great Again" in blood red, an electric chair did not seem out of place. Not for
Susanna's latest film, a screen adaptation of Le Carre's thriller Our Kind Of Traitor, is out in cinemas on Friday May 13th
The best way to envision the lead characters in Showtime's intense new drama Billions is to picture a weather map where four hurricanes are simultaneously converging.
Wolf Hall, based upon historic fiction by Hilary Mantel, focuses on the period in his reign when the king, smitten with the sexy Anne Boleyn, concocts a strategy for ridding himself of his wife of 18 years, Catherine of Aragon.
Rank, position, history, money, politics, memory, doomed affection: some or all of these things often constrain the characters
Edith suffered, again, Thomas schemed, again, Mary snobbed suitors, again, and Elizabeth McGovern as Lady Grantham continued
Watch the video above for the entire interview. Oh, yeah. "Homeland" fans, beware of the major spoilers ahead. Duh. The reporter
Redheads. When we hear that word, we don't think of men. We think of women: sexy, manipulative, powerful, dangerous women. A redhead may be dizzy, but she's always hot as well. Generally, she's a copperheaded temptress who gets her way.
When asked by the New York Times if his time on "Homeland" has led to a flood of offers, Lewis responded, "You finish a great