Damien Chazelle

Sen. Marco Rubio and the guy Buzz Aldrin punched in the face have a strange thing in common.
The new movie about the moon landing is basically a star-spangled orgy. Even without the flag-planting scene.
After the Toronto Film Festival, the season's early front-runners — "A Star Is Born," "Widows" and "First Man" — will probably be giant crowd-pleasing hits.
This is a sign of things to come in the next four years: Meryl Streep outspoken about the performance of the year, the one
Why is this night different from all other [awards] nights? New York Magazine film critic and emcee for this annual awards
When in the course of human events a movie comes along that everyone on Planet Earth loves it is a fact universal that criticism will bring about the worst of times. Call me Douche Pile for not understanding that happy moviegoers are all alike.
Chazelle's simple, yet nuanced, moral tale has updated and modernized the art form while offering it's timeless lesson. Sebastian
In a first for us, it's two episodes in one week for the MovieFilm Podcast! After dissecting Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
The 39th Denver Film Festival gets off on the right foot in that department this week with its Red Carpet presentation of
Damien Chazelle's acclaimed musical gets another Oscar boost.
"Most of my films dealt with outsiders, I care about people who are on the margins of society. About those who are called