Damon Lindelof

See what happens when "superheroes are treated as outlaws" in the upcoming series adaptation of the graphic novel.
“With apocalyptic thinking, if it’s not happening fast enough we are going to bring it about, which explains the election," says Damon Lindelof.
In this light, perhaps Evy's departure to the Guilty Remnant isn't so surprising, even if it remains hard to watch. Her full
Fans are freaked about season 6 episode 3, titled, "Thank You." Though my head says Glenn died my heart says otherwise for he's already proven to be a Houdini escape artist. And there's Michonne, who shines.
The saying "Be careful what you wish for" has that built-in caveat that should alert viewers of season two of HBO's often dark but seductively captivating drama, The Leftovers, which premieres on October 4.
"The Leftovers" Season 2 premieres this fall on HBO. Lindelof recently talked to The Huffington Post about the series, which
Upon reflection, it turns out I've been looking forward to Tomorrowland more than I've been looking forward to any actual tomorrows. Which is ironic, because that is pretty much what this film -- directed by Brad Bird, who co-scripted with Damon Lindelof -- is about.
Or we can just think more like Hurley. Lindelof said the HBO show "was constantly threatening to infect" his latest Disney
Other than with Sunset Boulevard, who needs flashbacks? Anyway, these ineptly constructed scenes were possibly added afterwards when it was realized test audiences had no idea what they were viewing.
"Tomorrowland' is a secret no more, however. The buzzy $190 million spectacle has two perspectives at its core: that of a