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The actor made the announcement just months after co-star Clayne Crawford was fired over allegations of "emotional abuse."
The feud between Wayans and his fired "Lethal Weapon" co-star just got real public.
"Dirty Dancing" and many other movies join the service.
Still, the third and even the fourth movie worked because we knew the first two. To be fair here, the Fox version of Lethal
Damon Wayans has joined the ranks of Cosby apologists with recent comments on The Breakfast Club radio show about Cosby's accusers being "un-rapeable" that highlight how clueless he is about the actual socio-cultural influences that lead to the crime of rape.
So what would inspire Damon Wayans to fall on this sword in a moment in history in which one could easily say "I'd prefer not comment?" Why refer to women "unrapeable bitches," when it's impossible not to imagine that this would be met with backlash at best and a loss of opportunities at worst?
The actor also called the women who've come forward "b**ches."
Watch Wayans demonstrate the app: He also discussed his new app, Diddeo, a platform for creating professional-looking music
The Wayans family has long been known for their comedic timing, sense of humor and effortless ability to make audiences laugh
The legendary (and hilarious) cast of "In Living Color" was honored last night at the 10th Annual TV Land Awards in New York
Everyone loves a good comeback and as of late, TV has been chock-full of them. When "The Voice's" Cee Lo Green had the former
It's not Cook's fault he's rich. We made him that way. He is behaving exactly how he should. He's normal. We are the crazy ones. You can't potty train an old dog after you've let him crap all over the house for 10 years.
Most of us loved In Living Color back in the day. The skits were original and creative and the cast was incredibly talented. Well, there's good news for fans of the show.
Fox announced on Friday that they will revive the classic 90s sketch comedy show in the spring of 2012, airing at least two
PRESS PLAY TO LISTEN Actor, Comedian, Director, Producer and now New York Times bestselling author, Damon Wayans is no stranger
As a stand-up comedian, I have a good sense of humor. But I'm damn certain that Damon Wayans' site's Abortion Man video is sick and sad.