Dan Ashe

Given the unparalleled and escalating threats to African elephants, a near-complete ban on commercial trade in elephant ivory is the best way to ensure U.S. domestic markets do not contribute to the decline of this species in the wild.
The laws of physics tell us something of substance can't be created from nothing. That may be true when it comes to the physical world, but recent events show it doesn't apply to the world's burning passion for wildlife.
Since its 2009 delisting, the nation's bald eagle population has steadily increased, and now numbers more than 143,000 individuals. At the same time, data suggest golden eagle populations are stable but may gradually decline, heightening the importance of managing that species more protectively.
Today was a great day for elephants -- and a really bad day for ivory traffickers. Today more than one ton of confiscated ivory was crushed in New York City's Times Square, the "crossroads of the world."
Because the ESA is a flagship of conservation legislation, one can expect this new meaning to influence the direction of conservation far beyond the formal purview of the ESA.