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Cannon is a retired general and former sheriff of Kalkaska County, Michigan, who was the commander of the Joint Detention
A review of lawmakers' recent financial disclosure forms finds that those facts have not made Rio Tinto a toxic stock for
This increasingly common response is not limited to questions about climate change. Indeed, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) seems
During a 2012 debate, Benishek was booed and laughed at by audience members for dismissing the threat of climate change to
As members of Congress and the Obama administration scramble to respond to the increasing threat posed by the Russian military in Ukraine, economic sanctions are emerging as the United States' preferred method of exercising its leverage.
Among the wealthiest is Texas Republican Rep. Mike McCaul, a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee whose estimated net
Lynn McClure, senior Midwest regional director of the National Parks Conservation Association, cited the "strong bi-partisan
Thanks to the Lacey Act, we've already made progress in slowing the trade of illegal wood products, but we still have a ways to go.
Rep. Canseco has been criticized by LCV "for voting in favor of tax cuts for millionaires like himself and companies that
Ethically, however, Wilcox said the devil is in the details. Financial disclosures show Waxman, the ranking member of the
Ryan revised his budget in 2012 to one that leaves traditional Medicare as an option, as opposed to his 2011 proposal, which
If overwhelming scientific consensus wasn't already enough to convince someone that climate change is real and requires immediate action, just look outside your window.
The League of Conservation Voters will launch a $1.5 million campaign Tuesday targeting five House Republicans who question
“House Republicans promised to protect Medicare. They lied,” the DCCC alleges in the script. "I'll never put our seniors
Political strategists call it an "ugly win." You throw everything but the kitchen sink at your opponent as the campaign draws to a close, and pray the election goes your way. It's as brutish and nasty as a late hit on the quarterback. And just as mesmerizing to watch.
At first glance, the race for retiring Democrat Bart Stupak's seat in the Michigan 1st Congressional District, pits pro-gun
The Michigan Messenger story broke about a week after the release of the DCCC's latest attack ad, "23 percent," was released
Since 1993 Congressman Bart Stupak has represented Michigan's 1st Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives
AP/Huffington Post - Both Crystal Falls physician Dan Benishek and state Sen. Jason Allen of Alanson are claiming victory