Dan Bongino

Dan Bongino, who said earlier this month that his entire life is about "owning the libs," criticized the actor's call to “overthrow the government" by voting.
"We win, you lose, the new rules are in effect," conservative commentator Dan Bongino told Democrats.
"Republicans may not be the answer, but far-left liberalism certainly has been the cause of the problems," Dan Bongino argued.
“I’m going to make you an example. You will regret the day we had this conversation.”
Recently it has become trendy for political pundits, talk-show hosts and talking heads (particularly on the right) to point to race "hustling" as the culprit behind heightened racial tensions in America.
Bongino faced big deficits in some polls leading up to the final days of campaigning, the Baltimore Sun reported. For all
Cardin was favored to earn his second term of service, holding big leads in some polls over the final weeks. Click here to
Bongino added: "I’m not the first candidate to have a family member in a bad scrape." His brother did not respond a request
For Secret Service agent Dan Bongino briefly discusses the recent Secret Service prostitution scandal in Columbia.