Dan Crenshaw

The "Saturday Night Live" comedian infamously mocked the GOP lawmaker's eye patch on the show last season.
Juliette Kayyem suggested the freshman Texas GOP lawmaker support his argument with facts -- "not with mocking a woman."
She slapped down his reference to the champion Patriots in seeking to sack her 70-percent marginal tax idea.
"Condescending offers to mansplain never come off well, especially not when done to an expert," a Twitter user notes.
The Texas congressman-elect, once mocked by Davidson for an eye patch, reached out with thoughtful advice.
The congressman-elect said the country has "a lot of work to do" when it comes to political discourse. He recently appeared on "SNL" to receive an apology.
The comedian joked about the Texas Republican's eye patch, so Crenshaw went on the show to return the favor.
“I mean this from the bottom of my heart. It was a poor choice of words. The man is a war hero and he deserves all of the respect in the world," said Davidson.
Davidson joked about former Navy SEAL Dan Crenshaw’s eye patch, and a lot of people weren't happy about it.
Demands for the 'SNL' comedian to apologize to Dan Crenshaw flooded social media on Sunday.