Dan Crenshaw

“It’s a huge manipulation,” the Texas Republican said.
Rep. Dan Crenshaw faced criticism one day after Sen. John Cornyn was booed at the same convention.
The Fox News personality sure had a different take on mocking Rep. Dan Crenshaw's eye patch in 2018.
Republican efforts to make congressional districts uncompetitive mean the only real election is the GOP primary, and the only way to win is to run far to the right.
The two Republican lawmakers have had an increasingly testy relationship.
The GOP congressman told Democrats to "leave people the hell alone" on vaccinations, even though Americans have had to get them for decades.
Bobby Piton, a candidate from Illinois, pushed back from the crowd when Crenshaw said fraud didn't cause Donald Trump to lose in 2020.
Rep. Dan Crenshaw demanded that Gwen Berry be kicked off the U.S. Olympic team after she turned away from the American flag during the national anthem in protest against racism.
The Texas Republican describes hammer thrower Gwen Berry's silent protest against racism as a "pathology" linked to "critical race theory."
The "Saturday Night Live" comedian infamously mocked the GOP lawmaker's eye patch on the show last season.