Dan Fogelman

Dan Fogelman, the creator of “This is Us,” shared the story in a heartwarming Twitter thread.
Dan Fogelman's "Life Itself" is a 118-minute soap opera that hovers somewhere between trauma porn and self-help bunkum.
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The showrunners assembled a team as diverse as the characters they write.
The actor and the show's creator, Dan Fogelman, had an emotional text exchange.
Danny Collins isn't just about showbiz. It's about family, regret, second chances, friendship, inspiration, perseverance, and artistic integrity in a film where all of the actors give some of their best performances I've seen in years.
These guys still have it, and this is why it is a wrong to say that Last Vegas -- with its terrible title -- is only for seniors and that when one reaches 60 or 70, life is over.
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What if "The Hangover" was about four 60-something friends heading to Las Vegas for a bachelor party weekend? It would probably