Dan Gheesling

Fifteen former houseguests chart the show's evolution.
It was a dirty game, and it may have been the only game available to him, but it was too dirty for the jury to stomach. Dan
Big Brother is a social game more than anything. If so, then Dan committed more fouls and faux pas than can be imagined, and if the others write him a big check then it isn't because they like him and how can they really admire him?
Tune in for the aftermath, and the final HOH competition of the season, on Sunday at 8 p.m ET, and then find out who wins
Frank, you're a good guy in my book, and with that affable personality it wouldn't surprise me if someone in the media calls. You'll be the winner in the end.
Dan came out of solitary and seemed resigned to his fate. He had a "funeral" for Dan the player, during which he completely
Manipulation, conniving, backstabbing, gossip, and double dealing take center stage every episode of Big Brother. In season 14, this stands out even more now that it seems the coaches may be poised to be individual players once again.
The twist on this was that the coach of the winning team would pick the first HOH while the coach of the losing team had