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The “Rick and Morty” co-creator apologized for the 2009 video and has deleted his Twitter account.
Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland talked to Vulture about bathrobes and erotic fan fiction inspired by their show.
Harmon says he can't write more episodes until Adult Swim orders them.
In a frank Twitter exchange that suggested a history of possible misconduct, Harmon expressed regret for abusing his position.
"We put ourselves under so much pressure to feel good. It's okay to feel bad," said the co-creator of "Rick and Morty."
"As I speak, more articles are coming out about me and Justin fighting," wrote Harmon. "Because it's a less boring reason for a season to take long."
Seeso, NBC's new digital comedy channel, highlights both classic specials and original comedies.
If it's generally a given that comedians make for the best comedy podcasters, then Jake Johannsen is a fine specimen of that
Since starting his Amazing Colossal Podcast ten months and 42 episodes ago, comedian Gilbert Gottfried has played host to a pretty amazing retinue of show biz folk -- including Danny Aiello, David Steinberg, Barbara Felton, Adam West, Frankie Avalon -- the list is mind-boggling.
The podcast known as Harmontown is writer/show runner Dan Harmon's little corner of the world (along with Community and Rick & Morty and their attendant fan bases.)
10. Will the Dean finally reveal ... why he likes costumes so much? Dean Craig Pelton is known for his fabulous outfits, but
NBC canceled the show about a band of misfits at a community college back in May, but fans had a glimmer of hope when it
Class is back in session! Stay tuned, "Community" fans. #SixSeasonsAndAMovie may happen after all. Someone who isn't as optimistic
"It was honestly all about pursuing comfort and fleeing pain," he says of his decision to work on his own projects after
We may occasionally be heroes and sometimes villains but mostly we're just people ... Truth is we're mostly extras.
- "I can't offer you any money. I could offer you a job !" - "You just described slavery" #Repilot #community @nbccommunity