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The musician said that the transition from acting to music was "natural."
"I miss her like an old lover," he joked at Esquire's 80th Anniversary party this week. "No, of course I do. I miss everyone
Gossip Girl, about a bunch of rich Upper East Siders and their insanely ridiculous lives, has never been a perfect show. This season, however, the show feels like it has seriously lost its way.
This season has been a bit of a letdown for me, as once the characters were out of their prep school uniforms and into the "real" world a lot of the fun seemed to have evaporated. But last night's season finale did not disappoint.
For the boys and girls of Gossip Girl, graduation marks a poignant transition -- the transformation of kids acting like adults into what will surely be a group of adults acting like babies.
I've never seen Gilmore Girls, but I'd guess that show is pretty similar to this episode, i.e. three generations of crazy blond women melodrama-ing each other to death.
8:07 Good pregnancy ruse, but please, if Serena and the bonehead brigade actually manage to fix this disaster, I'll write my next post in Swahili.
A very pleasant episode, but I like it better when the kids are being promiscuous and illegal rather than entangled in an exciting venture capital project. Oh well, stay spotting.
With the mental energy necessary to contrive some of these plots, I can see why Gossip Girl needs such frequent breaks.
Many big things to resolve on Gossip Girl this week. Like how to get from DUMBO to the Upper East Side in eight minutes.
Chuck offers to lick Blair's wounds. I wouldn't mind seeing the logistics of this.
Will Chuck inherit billions? Will Rufus and Lily find their little Tintin? Will Constance Billard's two-day week, five-day weekend ever be acknowledged?
French orphans. Thai hookers. Billion dollar wills. Thank goodness those age-old High School problems are back to take up our time.
Yesterday afternoon I enjoyed what is becoming a frequent New York City moment: Catching a sighting of Gossip Girl paramours