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On air Thursday, Le Batard criticized the network's policy of avoiding politics as "weak-ass" and "cowardly."
Dan Le Batard called out ESPN's "cowardly" and "weak-ass" policy discouraging hosts from discussing politics.
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“There’s no way he’s still there, right? He’s gone? He left?” Le Batard said. “Oh, I wanted his reaction to that so bad.” H
Between the cheating rumors, fighting rumors, Andrew Bynum, Roy Hibbert as a modern day Eeyore, Lance Stephenson being a
The statement released by Neal on Thursday echoes the sentiments expressed by former BBWAA president Tracy Ringolsby on Twitter
CLICK HERE to read Le Batard's full explanation WATCH ENTIRE PTI SEGMENT ABOVE "Baseball is always reticent to change, but
When the voting was announced Sunday afternoon, I was flabbergasted to learn I was the lone voter among 121 to not give LeBron
Dolphins legend Jason Taylor, for example, grew up right before our eyes, from a skinny Akron kid to a future Hall of Famer