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This is the biggest alteration made to one of the major Sunday morning NFL pregame show in several years, perhaps back to
It is worth keeping in mind, though, that after every catastrophic phase, after every setback, both Greece and the NY Jets have managed to survive, recover and, on occasion, prosper. Both Greeks and Gang Green nation are nothing but truly resilient.
The Hall of Fame quarterback dropped by HuffPost Live to discuss planning for retirement in his role as an AARP Men's Life
When it comes to the way people view retirement today, it's not all mahjong and shuffleboard. More post 50s are reinventing
Claire Marino, wife of cheating NFL quarterback Dan Marino, must be mortified that the world now knows about her husband's affair and love child. But she made the right decision to stick with their marriage. Here's why.
Dan Marino, former Dolphins QB and NFL Hall of Famer, admitted to fathering a child in 2005 in an extramarital affair with then-CBS Sports colleague Donna Savattere.
Marino has been married to his wife Claire for more than two decades; they have six children together. Marino's statement
In HomeSafe's case, Rothstein sucessfully bid on two paintings at a charity auction and those paintings have since been recovered
We have a developmental center in Weston, Florida in Fort Lauderdale that sees about 6,000 kids a month. It's really made
Here are the record-setting seasons for each of the prolific passers to hold this record during the Super Bowl era: The final
When Drew Brees broke Dan Marino's record for yards passing in a single season on Monday night against the Falcons, several
Peyton Manning may go down in history as one of the best quarterbacks of all time, but his team is struggling to meet his contract demands.
Losing in a Super Bowl does not make an NFL quarterback any less of a legend. Just like being in and winning a Super Bowl surely does not automatically grant legendary status to a quarterback.
The NFL is now entering the home stretch in the race for the playoffs. For Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys, it's time to put up or shut up.
WATCH DAN MARINO DROP AN S-BOMB: It appears that Marino intended to say "Dolphins finish it off here," but ended up with
Football forever altered the course of Brian Stokes' life, but not until after he had served two tours in Iraq as a Marine