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Sword swallowing is so difficult that there are only a few dozen professional sword swallowers in the world. It's a small
"I was pleased that she came and told me what she was doing rather than go off on her own, so I was happy," says Jeff, a
And in Atlantic City, David Peyre-Ferry swallowed a sword while sandwiched between a bed of nails. In Newport Beach, Twisted
Sword Swallower Dan Meyer pulls a 3300 lb Mini-Cooper car encrusted with 300 lbs of jewels at Ripley's Believe It or Not Baltimore for World Sword Swallower's Day 2013
That's what sword swallower Dan Meyer thinks. Ripley's spokesman Tim O'Brien said that despite its long history, the act
"It often takes from 3-10 years to learn to swallow a single sword, practicing multiple time a day, and some people never learn."
People both for and against Khan Academy tend to portray the issues involved as black or white. But like most things in life, they are many shades of grey.
It may be hard to swallow, but sword swallowers do more than entertain people by sticking things down their throats. A few
Dan Meyer joins HuffPost executive editor Buck Wolf and host Barry Weintraub to talk about World Sword Swallower's Day and the medial risks that come with slurping steel. Arianna Huffington makes a guest appearance
Meyer, who holds five Guinness World Records, was in New York City to film a documentary that includes sticking a 3-D endoscope