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Dan Reynolds tells Ellen DeGeneres the experience helped him "identify, to some degree," with queer youth.
Dan Reynolds' rainbow flag spoke loudly in a country where queer people still face much discrimination.
The singer is staging LoveLoud Fest to support LGBTQ youth.
To combat the entire problem of childhood cancer, from the development of less-toxic and more effective treatments, along with the economic burdens of the disease upon families, we truly must be a community united around the end game of helping children and families.
Imagine Dragons' album, "Night Visions," went Platinum in over eight countries and sold over 2 million copies in the U.S
Can an alternative New Zealand band match the mainstream success of an outfit that escaped Utah and avoided Las Vegas lounge act hell by continuing to beat its own drums until it finally got your attention?
If you saw The Perks of Being a Wallflower, you heard "It's Time" a year ago. You certainly heard this Imagine Dragons song on FM radio. Playing a song over and over -- that's not me. But I was so pumped by the power of "It's Time" I wanted to know everything about Imagine Dragons.
2012-05-02-chattman.jpg I caught up with Imagine Dragons' front man Dan Reynolds and asked him their current tour and how "It's Time" manages to stay cool even when played ad nauseum on my favorite alt-rock station.