Dan Scavino

Hours after inciting violence in the Capitol, the president promised an "orderly transition" of power on Jan. 20.
White House deputy chief of staff Dan Scavino posted a fake video appearing to show Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden falling asleep in an interview. The original footage comes from an interview with singer Harry Belafonte.
The footage was taken from a 2011 interview with Harry Belafonte, who later had some choice words for Trump.
For the first time, Twitter feeds will show a “manipulated media” tag on a video shared by President Donald Trump.
Trump and White House social media director Dan Scavino were caught tweeting a doctored video meant to twist the meaning of Biden's words.
“The Late Show” host also mocked Trump for trying to make July Fourth all about himself.
"Who sold Trump a bag of oregano for $60?" asks one Twitter wit.
A photo of Nison (aka Max) Miller stares out from the screen, sullen and stern, in faded black and white. “Order of Court
"White House doesn’t mean everyone working there has to be white."
Dan Scavino, 42, has a long history with the Trump family.