Dan Turner

From one boy mom to another, please help your son take responsibility for the irreparable harm he has caused. Please help your son utilize his second chance in a manner that will do serious good in the future.
Oh, you want to get numbers involved in this thing, Brock's dad? Let's do some word problems and see if we can justify your son's actions that way.
"She was drunk and falling all over me." Let's not. Let's teach our children better. Let's educate our society more explicitly
Only in a rape culture can sexual assault be referred to as "20 minutes of action."
He didn't admit his son committed a crime. He called it “20 minutes of action.”
"This is not like her ... not like her at all. We know there is something wrong."
This week's headlines were rightly dominated by news from Japan, Libya, and Bahrain. But developments on another international story -- Afghanistan -- also deserve our attention. Joining a growing list of Republican leaders, Haley Barbour took his first steps toward a possible 2012 run by sharply questioning our continuing presence in the country. This came on the heels of Mike Huckabee also distancing himself from the war. Of course, Barbour and Huckabee are actually catching up to the American people: a new poll showed that 64 percent of the public says the war in Afghanistan is no longer worth fighting. You know we've moved way beyond left vs. right on this issue when Afghanistan threatens to become an issue in 2012, with the GOP hopefuls staking out the anti-war position. Elsewhere, Gilbert Gottfried and Barbour spokesman Dan Turner were enshrined in the #waytoosoon hall of shame.