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“When we get to that point, I’ll ask you that question,” moderator Dana Bash responded, hinting that the 2020 presidential hopeful's question was off-putting.
The former Senate majority leader previously called the 43rd president a "liar" and a "loser."
The CNN host warns Trump that the media is about to become the least of his worries.
People who work in the porn industry deserve zero credibility, he said after Daniels filed another lawsuit.
The House majority leader deflected twice, saying he was "more concerned" about the economy and trade discussions.
The White House counselor doesn't take kindly to the questioning from CNN's Dana Bash.
The former campaign manager couldn't explain why he got fired.
It is possible that Trump may continue to make mistakes in debates. But they do not affect his base, which hardens the longer
Cruz will enjoy home court advantage, which won't be enough. Even before their declaration of candidacy, I predicted candidates
At Tuesday's upcoming Democratic Party debate, CNN is not planning to include a single progressive advocate among its panel of four questioners.
Six weeks have passed since the first Republican debate of the 2016 race, and as the cast of characters returns to the stage for their second match, campaign dynamics have come more sharply into focus.
If as a society, we accept homosexuality, then naturally, we must afford all individuals with equal rights and privileges, regardless if they freely choose a gay lifestyle or if they are compelled by genetic disposition. So why do we continue to avoid answering the fundamental question in favor of the question of genetics?
It's one thing to try to gain a political advantage by pointing out certain undesirable aspects of an opponent's background or record. But when a Senate democratic leader spreads baseless allegations without a shred of evidence, and uses the Senate floor to do so, that's one step too far.
CNN's Dana Bash revealed on Thursday that she has been on the receiving end of some pretty gross comments from male senators
After the interview, Bash told CNN's Gloria Borger that she had hoped to make the interview a tough one. "I tried to get
6. White House Spokesman Jay Carney Throws Durbin Under The Bus On Tuesday evening, all hell breaks loose when The Hill notices
(h/t WaPo) The budding romance seems to be going well, as the Post reported that the couple was spotted around town at the