dana brody

An original compilation video of the "Homeland" character that everyone loves to hate: Dana Brody.
If you haven't seen the most recent episode of "Homeland," close this browser right now. If you have: WHOA.
Kiernan Shipka ("Mad Men's" Sally Draper) is once again moonlighting as a child star psychologist on Funny or Die, but this
How much longer can "Homeland" run before the bank of viewer goodwill empties out?
"Homeland's" problems are not just about Teen Runaway Dana or Awful Leo: They are much bigger than that.
Klattenhoff can currently be seen on NBC's "The Blacklist." Watch the video above for more from the actor. Diego Klattenhoff
However, Saylor said she doesn't see it as completely sexism. "I think a lot of characters get a lot of sh--. Maybe women
Was that uncomfortable for anyone else? Also, how much longer before Brody surfaces to (hopefully) get the show gets back on track?
Amid the helter-skelter plot twists and screeching tension of the opener, it was reassuring to know that "Homeland" is a show that has remained true to the image of Saul Berenson, the character who provides its moral heartbeat: stubborn, curmudgeonly, and aggressively joke-free.