dana carvey

"I got a lecture and an escort to the door," the Golden Globe winner recalled during a recent interview.
"It's so 1992. It's from another era," the comedian and former "Saturday Night Live" star said.
The 32-year-old comedian was found unresponsive in the bathroom of his Los Angeles home.
The comedian resumed co-hosting “Fly on the Wall” with David Spade roughly two months after Dex Carvey’s death.
The comedian's family confirmed reports of Dex's death on social media. They posted, "Will will miss him forever.”
The actor and comedian revealed that the West Coast dialect and surfer slang in "The Californians" were inspired by one of Carvey's adult kids.
The comic has a correction for Trump's claim that people want him to run again.
The former "Saturday Night Live" star has some "where are they now" updates on his most memorable characters.
Carvey said he worked with "the craziest person I've ever met" before starring on "Saturday Night Live."