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Robyn's life gyrates between extremes. One day she is in the courtroom relentlessly pressing a client's case, and the next she may be receiving chemotherapy and be so sick in the aftermath that she can barely stand. Robyn has simply outrun challenges that would flatten most normal people.
Just 40 years ago, when Bill Rodgers won his first Boston Marathon, running was considered a bizarre thing to do. Truckers threw beer cans at runners' heads.
The fact that childhood cancer is, thankfully, a rare disease belies the fact that it is the leading cause of disease-related death in U.S. children, age 1-19.
While we are waiting for the FDA to act, states should immediately raise the legal age for buying tobacco to 21. Cities and towns should ban the sale of tobacco altogether.
The CEO of Granite Telecommunications, Rob Hale, promised to donate $5,000 to charity for every person who shaved their head.
Together, they raised more than $2 million. Some employees donated their hair to Locks of Love, an organization that makes
From The Today Show, to the Apollo Theatre, telethons and fundraisers -- Avalanna never found a microphone she did not fall in love with. One of her greatest adventures was meeting Justin Bieber. In typical Avalanna fashion, she was completely unfazed by Justin's fame.
We worry about scaring our children, and cancer can be scary. But by involving your children in helping, not only do you teach them compassion, you give them an important perspective.
Perspective is important. We should all keep in mind that our problems could be worse, and that all suffering is relative. This can help us feel less overwhelmed by our own challenges, more grateful for our many blessings, and more compelled to empathize with and help others.
2012 was a transformative year in my life for several reasons, both personal and professional, and one that I feel had the potential to change the trajectory of where research against childhood cancer is headed.
Paul Nguyen, MD, the radiation oncologist at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Brigham and Women’s Cancer Center in Boston
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In the study, the researchers discovered that exercise increases the body’s production of a metabolism-regulating protein
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Billy Starr lost his mother, uncle and cousin to cancer. "I was very much a '60s kid," Starr said. "I felt that I was meant
Why would white patients who tell their doctors to forego painful and futile end-of-life technology get their wish granted