Dana Nessel

Authorities moved Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and her family multiple times as two groups plotted for months to kidnap her.
Rifle-toting protesters yelled at lawmakers during the last stay-at-home debate. Now some are calling for "bloodshed."
Attorney General Dana Nessel said in a written statement that the investigation is ongoing.
Dana Nessel suspended a nearly two-year-long criminal investigation into the university's handling of complaints against the now-imprisoned serial sexual abuser.
District Judge Robert Jonker said St. Vincent Catholic Charities’ practice of referring same-sex couples to other agencies is not discriminatory.
Two newly elected House members have very different ideas on how the party’s presidential candidate can replicate their success.
The charges are part of Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel's investigation into the Catholic sexual abuse scandal in her state.
Faith-based agencies will no longer be able to cite religious objections in turning away couples or individuals under a new legal settlement.
Democrat Dana Nessel says she won't show her penis in a professional setting -- because she doesn't have one.
The average LGBT person in Michigan is sick and tired of waiting for the legislature to do something. Unlike the folks working at Equality Michigan, not all of us have the luxury of waiting years and years for a solution, because many of us are in hostile workplaces right now.