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Bill Hemmer told the infectious disease expert "it just seems like there's this aggressiveness toward the Trump administration."
The "Late Night" host hammered the conservative network for running with Donald Trump's "line of bulls**t" about the 2020 election.
“I didn’t know he was there,” the vice president said of the insect that became a viral sensation.
In talking about his new book “Rage,” Bob Woodward hit back at Fox News for questioning whether he has a political bias against President Donald Trump.
"Dana, have you been able to read the book? The evidence is overwhelming," the "Rage" author told Dana Perino.
Dana Perino said one of the president's messages is "not smart."
Chris Wallace, Bret Baier, Dana Perino and Karl Rove all gave the former vice president high marks.
Chris Wallace and Dana Perino had only good things to say about the former first lady's address.
Fox News' Dana Perino asked Tim Murtaugh if it gives him pause that a widowed man is distressed by the president's tweets about his deceased wife.
Anchor Dana Perino got more than she bargained for from Biden campaign adviser Symone Sanders.