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Fox News' Dana Perino asked Tim Murtaugh if it gives him pause that a widowed man is distressed by the president's tweets about his deceased wife.
Anchor Dana Perino got more than she bargained for from Biden campaign adviser Symone Sanders.
"It's sad to me that people are promoting that drug," Dr. William Haseltine said of the anti-malarial medication Trump has repeatedly touted.
Dana Perino reminded Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale that the president once praised the policy.
The restaurant chain called Perino "brave," while tweeting a photo of their queso: "It's supposed to look like this."
The dish reminded one Twitter user more of the sarcophagus opening of 2018.
During the presidential primary season, it was always amusing to watch Donald Trump tout his massive leads in online polls
Bolling claims crowd size is more important than poll results.
Fox News host Dana Perino is out with her first book, “And The Good News Is: Lessons and Advice from the Bright Side,” in which she talks about her time as former President George W. Bush’s press secretary.
Former President George W. Bush got an earful from the mother of a dying soldier at one hospital visit, recalls Dana Perino