dana rohrabacher

Former Rep. Dana Rohrabacher discussed some kind of pardon if Julian Assange would play ball about Russian ties, Assange's lawyer said in a courtroom statement.
The former congressman told Yahoo News that his goal was to find proof for a widely debunked conspiracy theory.
Russia's leading defender on Capitol Hill loses to a Republican-turned-Democrat.
For decades, the Orange County district was a safe seat for Republicans.
Rouda is the Democrats' best chance in years to unseat Rohrabacher, a longtime California congressman known for his ties to Russia.
The stories they tell about loved ones are true. The stories they tell about policy, not so much.
A California congressman appeared to show his support for a (fake) school program arming young children.
Star uses his comedy chops in a Democrat's campaign ad attacking California's Dana Rohrabacher.
Democrats are facing a nightmare scenario. But there's an obvious fix.
A congressman's bigoted suggestion is closer to becoming the law of the land than you may think.