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Did aliens really influence fashion choices in "The X-Files" universe?
Its melange of conspiracies and supernaturalism, bringing incisive and often elegant thinking in the midst of frequently crackpot scenarios is certainly a match for this era of American history. Perhaps too much so.
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A mysterious man told Chris Carter that his conspiracy-themed TV classic was too close to the truth.
The X-Files, like the conspiracy thrillers of the '70s, worked because there was a general atmosphere of paranoia and mistrust engendered by real-world events. What should be obvious now is that we live in a culture in which a show like The X-Files would flourish once again.
When it comes to ladies on this list, we say bring it on. And because we can never have enough female empowerment on television
The look of the show was so very important to Chris. He was always looking for a visual element with every script. He would
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