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Yes, this isn't easy, since a fake news outlet could claim to be trustworthy. We need some trusted network to test challenges to trustworthiness, maybe inspired by Wikipedia.
It's hard to trust the news overall when many major stories are ignored by news outlets. It's hard to trust the news when the press does so little fact-checking.
The Internet extends that ability to a degree without precedent in human history. There is no telling how profound a change -- hopefully for the better -- this will brings to our species and the world we live in."
Do your best to get it right. If you do, great. If you don't, admit you got it wrong, fix it, even if hard, and try harder next time. And we should reward journalists and press outlets that are practicing good, honest journalism.
When The Truman Show debuted to great acclaim 16 years ago this summer, film critics were, initially, slightly baffled. Audiences were intrigued, though, by the story of a man whose life was being secretly broadcast to the world and had billions of viewers.
We held our ground. For nearly a year. It wasn't easy. Our daughter's increasing anxiety, her distress at being tagged "a nobody with no Instagram" forced us to take a closer look at what was actually going on. We had to look no further than our own middle school years.
"We often rebelled, and parents never caught on. Now you actually have traces of it, and parents can see it and they kind
danah boyd joins HuffPost Live to discuss how the internet influences the identity of young people.
At BookPeople, Austin's leading -- and unalloyedly magnificent -- independent bookstore, boyd encountered the same somewhat awestruck reaction as she's met elsewhere in her bookstore tour from Charlottesville to New York to Seattle.
MTW: Your book is free to download and readers can also still buy a copy. Ultimately, how will you measure the success of
Email sabbaticals are a complete sanity maker and I always take them whenever I travel offline for more than 3 weeks. So
Facebook is floundering under the weight of its own scorched earth policy towards privacy. This policy has created a growing base of disenchanted users that could cause the company to come crashing down a lot sooner than people realize.
If any good can come of this, it's the wider attention Aaron's death has brought to his struggle with corruption, and his efforts to create the tools needed to fix it.
Social media can be an invaluable tool: a forum for sharing news and anecdotes, somewhat offensive ecards, a font of crowdsourced
In May, Consumer Reports revealed that there were 7.5 million kids younger than 13 using Facebook, including more than five million 10 and under. In every case these kids had to lie to get around Facebook's rule that you must be 13 or older to join.
The most resonant thoughts at the Guardian's Activate Summit were not specific prescriptions for changing the world, but powerful ways to reframe political, technological and social discourse.
Digital media use can sometimes graze the edge of social acceptability, but as digital and analogue life become evermore integrated, the protocols get blurry.
A distinguished panel of experts recently gathered at the Philoctetes Center for the Multidisciplinary Study of Imagination
While new technologies continue to emerge, allowing people to share more information on what seems like a daily basis, the privacy protections built into these tools has nowhere near caught up.
While public "conversation" and the creation of online community around a presentation can add value, many people feel that projecting a Twitterstream behind a speaker is distracting and just downright rude.