Ben Trigger took matters into his own hands in a lively routine.
Misty Copeland is “on pointe” talking about more representation in the ballet world.
Misty Copeland is “on pointe” talking about more representation in the ballet world.
Q. Now that you have learnt it for almost two decades, what do you see yourself doing next? Q. Which was your most recent
Dancer Lloyd Knight gives us a makeup tutorial
"I have been working in this field long enough to be called a professional. Success!! When I get to take my kids into the
I couldn't believe I was going to a music festival honoring the famous Billy Strayhorn at the Auditorium Theater of Roosevelt University in Chicago -- "Lush Life: The Music of Billy Strayhorn." It felt as if I was attending a homecoming of sorts.
Onesis Castillo arrives carefully carrying a cactus, and Gilberto Gonzalez holds open the plate-glass door of Crystal Gardens to let him in.
I was naïve upon leaving The Greatest Show On Earth® in 2004. I thought I could simply walk into any audition and acquire the role. After all, I had the talent, right? Right, I did. But so did many others.
Steven Shane Wolhar is trying to drink his morning coffee, but every time he's about to take a sip, his cellphone interrupts. A client calls; a client texts; another one or two or three email.
If there's one steady thing that can be said of Gabriela Granados, it's that she can't sit still. A woman of fluid movement, Gabriela bends her body into a stiff office chair.
Fast and furious, the rain falls. Brianna Mercado, wearing a shirt the color of sunshine, is intently watching it through the living room window. There's not a tear in her eyes. In fact, there's a serene smile on her face.
To call this mom "proud" is an understatement. H/T Mashable A video uploaded to YouTube captures a phone call between dancer
Predrag Grncarski's a cappuccino guy; his wife, Giselle, favors cortados. Not that they ever have time for a coffee break.
Nasir and his brother Mark are break dancers and have joined older dance crews on the New York subway trains. Although Nasir is only 5 years old he has already developed an antagonism towards the police, who often arrest members of his dance crew for dancing on trains and in the streets.
Guerlain Spa at the Waldorf Astoria - 100 East 50th Street Make your skin as fit and healthy looking as the rest of you with
I was not only blown away, but moved by this film.
We all have a different interpretation of freedom. For me, freedom is doing what I want to do. Love it, practice, what I want to do and do it well!
Brian was born to be a song and dance man, and he'll do whatever it takes to take the stage. But his very vocal chords and tapping toes are only the tips of his talent.