President Donald Trump has been boogying down for votes on the campaign trail, but some people aren’t thrilled with him grooving on stage.
Dr. Arup Senapati even received a shout out from a Bollywood star.
After Trump's take on the "YMCA" went viral, Kamala Harris showed off some moves of her own.
The "Baby" singer is now taking lessons from babies.
The singer even made the classic "Home Alone" face in front of the former child star.
Chance said the "confidence" of the 2020 candidate's "head bob" just "mighta made me #YangGang."
"Drunk Taylor" started trending on Twitter after photos and videos of the pop star celebrating her MTV Video Music Award nominations began circulating.
A 96-year-old grandmother became an internet sensation from a viral video of her busting moves on the dance floor.
Shirley Goodman credits dancing with helping her survive two open-heart surgeries.
“Baby Shark” is a hit song with the toddler set, and it’s now hit the Billboard charts.
An Instagram video captured an American Airlines employee in Toronto dancing his heart out.
From her spectacular performance to her heartwarming speech, Jennifer Lopez proved why she’s an icon at the MTV Video Music Awards.
The woman, presumably the teen's mom, showed off some impressive moves at San Diego's Petco Park.
In Kenya, the former president and his 96-year-old step-grandmother showed off some moves.
Dance class, it seems, is very much out of the question.
After 91 years, New Yorkers can finally dance in bars.
“Dirty Dancing” celebrates its 30th anniversary this summer.
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